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Session Frequency, Length, and Fee

Psychotherapy can occur on a weekly, bi-weekly or as needed basis, and each session is 45 minutes. Extended and more frequent sessions are also available. The total anticipated length of treatment varies depending on the client’s individual needs and will be discussed following an initial intake evaluation.

I am an out-of-network provider. The fee for each standard-length session of psychotherapy ranges from $200-$300 (cash, check, and credit card accepted). By paying privately, clients are afforded maximal privacy as mental health diagnoses and treatment details are not shared with insurers. Further, private payment allows the terms of treatment to be determined solely according to clients’ needs, rather than being dictated or restricted by insurance companies. If clients whose insurance plans include out-of-network benefits wish to file with their insurance for partial reimbursement of fees, I will be happy to provide the necessary receipts for services.

Virtual Therapy/Availability

Currently, I am accepting new clients virtually. This means therapy sessions are provided online via a HIPAA-compliant teletherapy platform. Just click the link you will receive by email to join your online session room. 

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